At this point I was close to snapping from waking up so early and having been sitting in the same position for so long.

“We’ve been driving for hours Mom, how much longer is it, I’m so tired.” I whined at my mom.

“We’re close sweetie, just get some rest, we’ll be there soon” Mom said softly

Sleep sounds really good actually. I think I will sleep. I close my eyes and I’m so tired and ready to drift off to sleep, but suddenly my necklace vibrates slightly. My hand shot up to it, but it had stopped. Did I just imagine that?

I never really thought much about my necklace except that it was the only thing my birth mother had left me. I had asked my parents about her many times, but they didn’t have a lot of information about her. My Uncle found me near his precinct when he left work one night. He looked for someone first, but there was no one around. My adoptive mom was already looking to adopt since she couldn’t have any kids of her own. My uncle helped her out and made sure she could legally keep me.

My necklace was the only thing I had on me as a baby besides the blanket I was wrapped in. I know that I felt it vibrate just now. I couldn’t have imagined that. I didn’t know what to ask my parents so I continued to grab onto it while I drifted off to sleep.

It was dark out and my vision was a little blurry, I felt a tightness around my shoulders, I looked around and a man I didn’t recognize was hugging me close to him. He wasn’t looking at me though, he was looking ahead directly. His eyes seemed reddish, like he was about to cry. I turned to look at whatever he was facing and saw a woman with her back to us, flanked on either side by two more women. It looked as though they were facing this large black smoke of some sort. Their hands were raised like they were trying to stop it or push it back…

“Maya, honey, we’re here. Time to wake up” Mom shook me awake from my strange dream.

What was that dream about I wonder. It seemed so real, although it was a little blurry. I realized I was still holding onto my necklace and let go. It was warm. I must have been holding it too tight.

I looked around me and saw that we had arrived at a beautiful large victorian style house. I know this is one of my mom’s favorite styles and I could see why. It was just so beautiful. It really felt like home because I could sense this energy pulling me towards it. Something about it was inviting me into it and I just wanted to find out what it was.

“Sweetie, could you grab a bag as you’re heading inside?” Dad shouted. Why was he shouting? I was right in front of……. Him? I had turned around mid thought and realized I had walked all the way up to the front door. Although, I couldn’t remember walking the distance up to the front door.

“Yes Dad, of course” I smiled at him. My dad was awesome. I couldn’t believe how lucky I had gotten with my parents. If my Uncle hadn’t found me, I probably would have ended up in the system and who knows what kind of family I might have ended up with.

I grabbed my own luggage and another smaller one I could lift and made my way back towards the house. Dad unlocked the door and held it open first for Mom and then for me.

I walked into a big open space, there was a staircase to my left and large living room straight ahead.

“Your room is up the stairs and the second door on the left. Why don’t you get settled in then maybe you and mom can go exploring the town. I’ll wait here for the movers to bring the rest of our belongings.” Said Dad

“Ok” I exclaimed happily

I ran up the stairs to the second door on the left and walked into what was my room. It was huge compared to the apartment we were in before. I couldn’t believe the whole thing was mine. I had a nook! One of my windows had a large space in front of it where I could sit and read and write if I wanted. It was beautiful. There was a huge close that I could walk into. There was enough room, not just for my clothes but probably for two more people clothes. I changed into something that would be more comfortable under the now noon heat and headed back downstairs to to meet my mom at the door.

“Ready to go honey?” She asked

“Yes” I said a little to loud.

We walked into town and saw that there was a lot of people who had the same idea about today. I saw some people who looked about my age and thought I’d probably see them in school when I started freshman year towards the end of august.

“Want to go introduce yourself to some people?” Mom asked “Maybe make some friends before you start school in the fall?”

“I don’t know.” I worried “What if I don’t make friends with the right people?”

“Well, what’s the right people in your opinion, honey?” Mom inquired.

“I want to make friends with all the popular people so I can always hang out with them” I said

“Hmmm, I see” Mom said thoughtfully “Oh look they have a butchers shop here. I think I should get us something for dinner tonight. What do you think?”

“Butchers shops always smell bad Mom. Can’t we just have pizza?” I questioned

“Of course we can honey, but I want to make sure we’re not eating pizza every night so I’ll grab something for tomorrow. Can you wait out here, while I get it” Mom asked

Mom went inside and I waited outside for her. I was looking around and not really paying attention to my surroundings when all of a sudden someone smashed into me. We both lost our balance and fell over. At the same time though my necklace started vibrating again, like it had in the car ride over. I grabbed it quickly so no one else noticed and looked up at who crashed into my. It was a girl. She looked the same age as me. She had long straight black hair and piercing blue eyes like mine. The moment we made eye contact, I felt a chill go down my spine. I felt like I knew her, but I had never met her before in my life. She looked at me the same way, like she knew me.

“Hi, sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going. Are you ok?” She asked me while standing up. She wiped the dirt off her pants and hands and extending her hand out to me.

“I’m fine, thanks” I replied while taking her still extended hand and standing up myself. I wiped the dirt off my pants too and looked up to find the girl exchanging looks with her friend. Her friend was probably our age too. She had long wavy chestnut brown hair and the same piercing blue eyes as both of us.

We were all just staring at each other for a moment when my mother came out of the shop behind me.

“Oh hello there” She said to the girls as she shifted the meat in hands and extended a hand out to the girls. “I’m Mary, Maya’s mom” she finished

The girl that fell with me reached out first. “Nice to meet you, I’m

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