“AAAaaagghhh!” screamed Reigna in frustration. She had had enough of this limbo prison she was bound to for the rest of eternity. She’d been in here for a century already. When was she ever going to get out? How could she escape and punish those self-proclaimed do-gooders? They weren’t good people. They were murderers! Kidnappers! They deserved to be punished and Reigna would make sure they got what they deserved.

“Hello Reigna, you are looking lovely as ever today.” Drakkus smiled at her. His eyes were wandering up and down her body as if attempting to soak in every bit of her.

It was enough to light up her eyes and hair with blue fire; the hottest shade of them all. As soon as he noticed the blue flame, his face dropped.

“I… I’m sorry Reigna, d… didn’t mean to upset you” he stammered out. He eyes started shifting around as if he didn’t know what to do next.

“You make take your leave,” Reigna growled in a low voice. Drakkus backed away from her a few feet before turning and pacing away quickly.

She was on edge today and the smallest look was enough to set her off. She couldn’t hurt Drakkus though. He was the most useful of these idiots she was trapped in here with. She turned and started walking towards the dense forest and away from the open camp area they were in. She needed to find a place to let her frustration out.

She took long forceful strides. The movement brought her comfort, it was standing still that made her uneasy. She hated sitting down, standing around trying to think of a way out of here. It seemed she had no chance unless the Pentagram decided to let her out. She wasn’t even given a fair trial to say her piece. Wasn’t that what all those do-gooders were about? Fairness and justice? Where was the justice in throwing her in here without giving her a chance to speak? Especially after what they did.

Reigna could remember it like it was yesterday, and for all she knew, it could have been. Time worked differently in limbo. Several decades here might only be a couple months out in the real world. She could remember the battle so clearly that her heart started aching once again at the memory that came with it. She remembered clearly how she had been holding her brother while watching her mother battle the five of the Pentagram with her own circle. It was light against dark and the darkness was losing. Why had they come down there in the first place? We had left them alone in their world of sunshine and rainbows. We were staying away.

“Aargh,” She grunted while punching the closest tree with enough anger that her fist lit up mid punch. It was enough to knock the tree down, but the fire went out quickly.

Gasp. She stumbled back. She had to be careful in here, if she wasn’t, the entire place could burn down with everyone in it, including her. Another thing she would make them pay for.

She continued walking until she came to her favorite cliff. It looked over the entire place. Most of it was empty, but it was beautiful anyway. A beautiful disaster they lived in.

If she hadn’t been watching the sky Reigna probably would have missed it, but she knew what she saw. A flash of purple. There was no mistaking it. Suddenly she felt hopeful. That flash of purple meant the pentagram was together in one place. It would only be a matter of time now before they realize what they are and unbind their powers.

Reigna turned around and quickly paced back to the campsite. She had to prepare her army. She would soon be able to leave this place and find her Dark Pentagram and finally have her revenge on the Light Pentagram. She smiled to herself as she paced faster until she was running back to her camp, ready with plans in her head.

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