Once Upon A Darkness


She smiled at me from her seat across the park.

I looked around, but didn’t see anyone around me. I guess she could be smiling at me I thought and kind of raised my hand as a wave.

She smiled much more now, packed up her stuff and started walking towards me. My heart started racing. I felt sweat beads start to form in my palms. What was I going to say to her. She was gorgeous. She had long flowing raven black hair and the sharpest hazel eyes I’d ever seen. Her skin looked as though she had bathed in milk her whole life. It was sunny out, almost 80 degrees perhaps, but she was wearing dark jeans, a long sleeved purple blouse that had a flattering neckline, and was holding an umbrella, perhaps to shield herself from the sun. I could see the outline of the top of her breasts, no tan lines whatsoever. She was wearing a large stone necklace that matched her eyes almost exactly. Her curves looked so amazing, I imagined myself hugging them for a moment. As she approached even closer now, I move over slightly on the bench I was sitting on and she placed herself on the bench ever so gracefully, I wasn’t sure she was actually sitting down.

“Hello there” She sang.

“H… Hello” I croaked. She giggled. I cleared my throat and tried again. “Hello” I smiled

“My name is Lonicera” She extended her hand out to me to shake. I felt compelled to reach for it immediately.

“I’m Andrea” I replied, “but I prefer Andi” I adjusted quickly. I’m not a big fan of my name. My mother uses when she’s yelling at me.

“Andi, what a lovely name. It’s a pleasure to meet you Andi” She said politely repeating my name twice.

“It’s nice to meet you to Lonicera” I responded, not really sure how else to continue.

“So Andi, do you like to have fun?” She asked.

“Uhm… Sure, I guess” I sort of mumbled. I only mumbled because I was thinking who doesn’t want to have fun.

“A friend of mine is having a party tonight, would you like to come?” She inquired. She was looking deep into my eyes as though she were trying to read my soul. It felt so invasive that I turned away.

“I… uh… I’m not sure. I don’t really know you that well to consider partying with you.” I said. I was feeling uneasy about the whole thing, but there was something about her that piqued my curiosity. I kind of wanted to know more about her, but I didn’t want her to think I just randomly go places strangers invite me.

“Would you like to get to know me better?” She asked staring deep into my eyes again, but this time it didn’t feel so invasive. She reached over and tucked a stray hair behind my ear. Her touch sent shivers down my spine. The movement of her hand toward me also brought with it an amazing scent. She smelled like honeysuckle and musk and it took over all of my senses for a moment.

I didn’t know how to respond at all. If I said yes, would I be moving too fast with someone I just met? If I said no, would I lose this chance of getting to know her. She was watching me gently as I thought it over.

“Yes, I would” I whispered. I don’t know why I was whispering, but I could raise my voice.

“Here is the address,” She handed me what looked like a business card. “You can bring a friend if you like, but I can only guarantee your entrance as my guest” She continued. “I hope to see you there, Andi.” She said while keeping eye contact. I could sense that she really wanted me to come.

I looked down at the business card she gave me, but it was just all black, on both sides. There was nothing written on it.

“Hey this…” I started, but she was gone. I looked around and she was no where to be seen. Where did she go so quickly? Who was she. Why was she wearing all black in this heat.

I put the card in my pocket and stood up from my bench. I figured I should head home seeing as I needed to get ready for a party, even though I had no idea where it was and how I was going to get in.


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