It started off at the restaurant I work at. I’m not too fond of the place. I work as a waitress at this over-glorified diner type of restaurant that tries too hard to please its unbearable clientele. It’s incredible how often I find myself just imagining it burning down with every guest I hate stuck inside; glued to the booths that they can’t seem to do without since their derrières are much to grand for any other kind of seat.

It’s hard to believe how excited the thought alone just made me!

Anyway I was working late one night and the place had about five or six tables that I was supposed to be watching because everyone else had just left and it was just me and my manager. He was busy with some paperwork regarding the restaurant so he was running back and forth between his office and the front registers with stacks of papers in his hands.

It was some time at this point that I for some reason or another thought I was finished with my shift even though I wasn’t. I don’t know what possessed me. There were still several tables sitting and eating. For some reason though my brain wasn’t registering their existence.

I walked out with my jacket in hand and backpack slung over my shoulder and when I got to my car which was closer than usual; it was as though I walked directly out of the restaurant and into my car with a couple steps. I tossed my apron on the passenger seat along with my backpack, started my car and drove away.

It was a few hundred feet away when I happened to look over at the passenger seat with my belongings when I noticed my apron and on top of it, my beeper, which the kitchen usually buzzes to let me know the food is ready, and I had the dawning realization that I forgot to close the restaurant before leaving.

I immediately pulled over and parked the car. When I stepped out of the car, I took only my apron and my beeper, then I shut the doors and locked it.

However the moment I turned around towards the restaurant, everything shifted. In the blink of an eye my car the road and the restaurant all disappeared and standing in front of me was a little girl.

I couldn’t see her face because her hair was covering all of it, but I could see she was wearing a simple white dress. At that moment the only thing I could feel was terror. I couldn’t move my feet or hands. It was dark. There were no lights anywhere, but I could see her clearly. While staring at her because I couldn’t turn, I thought that I saw her lips quiver and slowly turn upwards as though she were smiling at me. I felt the blood drain from my face and a cold shiver travel down my back.

I was about to scream when all of a sudden she ran off, leaving me in the dark, all by myself.

Not knowing what else to do, I decided to scream anyway, but as hard as I tried, no sounds came out of my mouth.

I tried again and again until finally I sat up straight in bed, realizing that it had all been just a dream.

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