It’s cold. I feel my feet starting to go numb even though I have several layers of socks on. My fingertips have started to turn purple. I wonder how long I’ve been here. I look at my watch, the motion of turning my left arm stings a little, but I see my watch light up and reveal that it’s 11:30 am. It’s been fifteen minutes since I fell in here. I can’t believe it, it feels like I’ve been here for hours.

“HELP” I try to scream, but it’s only a little bit louder than a whisper. I didn’t have the energy to be louder.

My eyes feel so heavy. I don’t know how much longer I can last here. I raised my head to look around, but it was just, ice and snow all around me except for the small opening directly above my head. I can still see the spot where I fell in from. My arm stung where I had landed on it. I looked down at it and could feel the bruising taking up most of my left side. I had tried to get up immediately after falling, but the opening was too high to reach. I was sitting on a large flat surface, a wall of ice to my right and back that I was leaning against. To my left, the ice was descending in a rough spiral-like manner. It looked like a tunnel, but I was too scared to check it out. It just kept going downwards further and further. I wasn’t sure I would make it out.

I leaned forward and pulled my right arm out of the sling of my backpack, gently brought it around to my left side. Unsure whether I could risk moving my left arm, I reached over with my right hand in an awkward manner and unzipped the front pocket. I reached in and felt the crinkly wrapping at my fingertips. Found it. I pulled out one of my protein bars, bit down on one corner and pulled it open. Commending myself internally for remembering to pack these, I chomped down on it. The creaminess of the peanut butter, the crunchy chocolate chips in between the rice filling was delicious.

I was about halfway through the protein bar when a shadow moved in my peripheral vision. My head snapped to the left, but there was nothing there. Had I hallucinated? I looked all around the little cave I was in, but saw nothing.

“Hello?” I spoke out into the emptiness. There was no response. I looked at my protein bar and checked the expiration date. August 18, 2020. It still had two years to go before it expired. I looked back up and…

“AAaahhh” I screamed at the creature standing inches from my face. It retreated slightly but stood its ground in general. I had no idea what it was. It had no face, but it was looking at me. I could feel it looking at me. It raised a hand slowly towards me. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. I could feel my heart trying to rip out of my chest, it was beating so fast.

Its fingers were long and its nails even longer, inching towards my face slowly. Its entire body was a grayish brown and it was naked. It was as though a person was made out of mud. A skinny person, as I could see where its bones were, more or less. I was panicking, but there was nowhere to go. I don’t know what else to do except…

“Hello,” I said just above a whisper. The hand stopped inching towards me and its head cocked slightly to the side. I cleared my throat, “My name is Jaime.”



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